SENIOR ALERT: Those Who Fail to Recertify Medicaid May Lose Coverage

March 31, 2023
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For the past three years, tens of millions of Americans on Medicaid did not have to worry about losing their coverage. Early in the pandemic, Congress passed a law preventing states from removing people from Medicaid. This was key to the historically high Medicaid enrollment and record-low uninsured rate in the U.S. last year.

With the COVID-19-era rule expiring on March 31, 2023, people on Medicaid will have to re-qualify to keep their coverage. Starting April 1st, states can resume dropping people from Medicaid if they don’t meet the eligibility guidelines. Estimates suggest 15-18 million nationwide could lose Medicaid coverage in the coming months. That includes nearly 7 million still eligible but facing barriers completing their paperwork on time, according to Health and Human Services projections.

Renewals and terminations won’t happen all at once. Most states are planning on rolling this change out over a 12-to-14-month period. Starting in Spring 2023, New York State will resume eligibility reviews and renewals for people enrolled. It will take time for New York to process everyone, so you may still have coverage even after April 1st. This means, even if you’re deemed ineligible for Medicaid, you might not be dropped right away.

All New York Medicaid recipients will receive a renewal packet by mail to request information to assess eligibility for re-enrollment. This will include completing documents requiring verification of income and assets. All applicants must respond to the renewal packages. If these documents are not submitted on time or if the recipient is found ineligible, Medicaid could be terminated. Now is the time to prepare for your Medicaid recertification. The experienced Medicaid legal team at Tully Law Group can help you with the recertification process to make sure accurate information and deadlines are met for submission. We are closely monitoring the latest legislative changes and other critical legal issues impacting Medicaid eligibility for seniors in New York.

Please know that if you’re a Life Care client of ours, all you have to do is contact us when you received the notification and we’ll take care of the rest.


1. Make sure your address is up to date with NYS Medicaid and contact us when you receive the recertification package.

2. Stay Informed! Sign up to receive the latest updates on news and changes that may impact your coverage.

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3. Don’t Panic! Remember, New York plans to restart its renewals in the Spring of 2023 and it is estimated that this process will take 12-14 months.

4. Take Action by Being Prepared!

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