As we journey through life, there comes a point where we must navigate the complexities of aging. With this transition, various legal considerations arise, often prompting the question: Do you need an elder law attorney? What is the difference between that and an elder care law attorney? While it may not be top of mind for everyone, consulting with an elder care law attorney can offer invaluable guidance and peace of mind, especially in ensuring one's wishes are met and assets are protected as they age.

Asset Protection

One of the primary reasons to consider hiring an elder law attorney is asset protection. As individuals age, they may become more susceptible to financial exploitation, whether through scams, predatory practices, or even well-meaning but misguided family members. An elder law attorney can assist in establishing safeguards to protect assets from such threats, whether through creating trusts, setting up durable powers of attorney, or implementing other legal strategies tailored to the individual's needs. Furthermore, protecting assets is a proactive approach in the event you or a spouse needs long term care assistance down the road.

Planning for Medicaid

Long-term care costs can be staggering, and many individuals may eventually require Medicaid assistance to cover these expenses. However, Medicaid eligibility comes with strict financial criteria that can be complex to navigate. An elder law attorney can provide invaluable assistance in Medicaid planning, helping individuals structure their assets and income to qualify for Medicaid while preserving assets for their loved ones. An important part of this planning includes completing the asset protection years BEFORE the need for Medicaid, as there are specific “look back” periods that will come into play. 

Minimizing Conflict and Court Proceedings

Passing away without a comprehensive estate plan in place can lead to disputes among family members, potentially resulting in costly and emotionally draining court battles. By consulting with an elder law attorney and crafting a clear estate plan, individuals can minimize the likelihood of conflicts arising among heirs. Additionally, an elder law attorney can assist in drafting advance directives and healthcare proxies, ensuring one's wishes regarding medical care are known and respected, thus avoiding potential family disagreements during times of crisis.

Leaving Behind a Legacy

While material wealth is often a consideration in estate planning, many individuals also wish to leave behind a legacy that transcends monetary assets. An elder law attorney can help clients articulate their values, beliefs, and wishes for future generations, whether through charitable giving, establishing educational trusts, or documenting family histories. By incorporating these elements into their estate plan, individuals can ensure that their legacy endures long after they're gone.

The Care Component

The difference between an elder law attorney and an elder care law attorney is simple: there is a care component! In addition to the legal and financial side of protection, our team and Elder Care Coordinators help you and your family prepare for long term health care in the future. Our Elder Care Coordinators are with you every step of the way as you navigate the world of long-term care. Your ECC will:

What does this mean for you? You have a trusted partner to help guide your family through this complex legal, emotional and health world of aging. Allow us to hold your hand through the process and ensure that you get what you need.

In conclusion, while the need for an elder care law attorney may not be immediately apparent to everyone, and most people only think they need and elder law attorney. From asset protection and Medicaid planning to minimizing conflict among loved ones and leaving behind a meaningful legacy, an elder care law attorney can provide essential guidance and support as individuals navigate the complexities of aging. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In the realm of elder care law, this adage rings especially true. So, if you find yourself asking, "Do I need an elder care law attorney?" consider the potential benefits and peace of mind that come with proactive planning for the future.


It is recommended that adults 60+ consider an Elder Care Protection plan. Traditional Estate Planning is appropriate for adults 18-65, especially those who have a family or are high-net-worth individuals. Elderly adults who are in current need of assistance obtaining Medicaid should contact us for our Life Care Planning services. 


Contact us today for a free consultation where we will review what your specific needs and goals are. 

In the intricate tapestry of elder care, each thread represents not just a service rendered, but a life touched and a family supported. Recently, the compassionate dedication of Elder Care Coordinator Raina DeDilectis, BSN, RN, DCC illuminated the profound impact a skilled advocate can have in navigating the complexities of long-term care.

In a poignant example of her commitment to her clients, Raina stepped in when a family faced distressing circumstances. A client's mother had endured an injury while under the care of a long-term nursing facility, causing both physical discomfort and emotional anguish. Despite attempts to address the issue internally, the family found themselves at an impasse, their concerns unaddressed and their voices unheard.

Enter Raina. With her expertise and unwavering resolve, Raina became the beacon of hope for this family in turmoil. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, she swiftly intervened, advocating on behalf of the client and elevating their concerns to the highest levels of the facility's administration.

What followed was a testament to the power of proactive advocacy. A thorough investigation was launched, medical tests were promptly ordered, and a comprehensive plan of care was devised to address the client's needs. Through Raina's coordination and advocacy efforts, the family found solace in knowing that their loved one's well-being was not just a priority, but a paramount concern for both the facility and Tully Law Group.

The impact of Raina's actions extended far beyond mere resolution; it restored faith in the system and instilled a sense of reassurance in the client's family. Their gratitude for Raina's dedication was palpable, a testament to the profound difference that compassionate advocacy can make in the lives of those in need.

In a world often fraught with challenges and uncertainties, Raina stands as a shining example of the transformative power of empathy and action. Her unwavering commitment to her clients reaffirms the noble ideals of caregiving and underscores the profound impact that a single individual can have in shaping the course of another's life.

Click here to learn more about our Elder Care Coordinators and why you should hire an Elder Care Law Firm versus an Elder Law Firm.

May is a special month dedicated to recognizing the invaluable contributions of nurses worldwide. At Tully Law Group, we believe it's essential to honor and celebrate the dedication, compassion, and expertise of these healthcare heroes. As we commemorate Nurses Month, let us express our deepest gratitude to the incredible nurses who tirelessly serve their communities and make a difference in the lives of countless individuals every day; especially one of our very own Elder Care Coordinators, Raina DeDilectis, BSN, RN, DCC.

As a Registered Nurse since 1999, Raina DeDilectis, BSN, RN, DCC brings experience and compassion to her multifaceted role as an Elder Care Coordinator (ECC) at Tully Law Group stemming from her background in patient care and advocation. 

Most of Raina’s career as a nurse was at the bedside of her patients, spending time getting to know them so that she could make accurate assessments of safety and comfort in the home, and be a dependable resource for the patient and their family during her roles at Stony Brook University as a hospital supervisor and at Independent Group Home Living, where she provided aid to patients with disabilities. These experiences armed Raina with the wisdom to foster attention to detail and panoramic support for her clients and their families before, during, and after their time with Tully Law Group, positioning her as a uniquely indispensable contributor to our team.

Since 2021, Raina has collaborated with our team of ECCs in connecting clients with services they require from facilities she trusts around the clock; by doing so, she reduces stress on caregivers and allows loved ones to remain loved ones. Daily, Raina proves to be a lifeline to her clients in crises and a pillar of high-quality care and wisdom on which they can rely. 

“No one else out there does what we do,” Raina said. “Once a caregiver hears about our services, they understand and appreciate how special the Life Care Planning services at Tully Law Group are.”

As a member of the Long Island Chapter of the National Aging-in-Place Council, Raina meets bimonthly with peers in the elder care field to discover new and reputable resources to benefit her clients. 

As we celebrate Nurses Month, let us come together to show our appreciation for nurses everywhere. Whether through words of thanks, acts of kindness, or gestures of support, let us honor their selfless dedication and unwavering commitment to caring for others. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that nurses feel valued, respected, and appreciated today and every day.

In the realm of elder care and estate planning, the landscape can often seem complex and daunting. Families navigating these waters often seek guidance and support to ensure the well-being of their loved ones as they age. Enter Life Care Planning – a distinctive service offered by Tully Law Group, redefining the approach to elder care and estate planning on Long Island.

But What Exactly Is Life Care Planning?

Life Care Planning is a holistic approach to long term care that integrates elder law, estate planning, asset protection, care coordination, and advocacy to address the evolving needs of seniors and their families. It goes beyond traditional elder law by considering not only the legal aspects but also the practical and emotional dimensions of aging.

At Tully Law Group, we understand that every individual and family situation is unique. Life Care Planning begins with a comprehensive assessment of the client's current situation, including their health, finances, family dynamics, and long-term health care needs. Based on this assessment, a personalized plan is crafted to address immediate concerns and plan for the future. 

On Long Island, where the aging population is growing, Life Care Planning fills a crucial gap in the continuum of care. Navigating the murky waters of Long Term Care Medicaid is daunting for any individual, and especially a caregiver who is already burdened with the stress of taking care of a loved one. Through our Life Care Planning, our experienced and knowledgeable Medicaid Attorneys will help you shelter your assets, remain in your home and apply for the Medicaid benefits you need to live a fulfilling life.

But What Sets Life Care Planning Apart from Other Elder Care and Estate Planning Services?

This plan includes not only necessary legal documents and Medicaid benefits to help pay for the care, but also advocacy and coordination assistance so the client can receive the best care possible.  Our team works closely with clients and their families to navigate the complex healthcare system, identify appropriate care options, and coordinate services to ensure that the client's needs are met. This can include assistance with accessing home care, coordinating with healthcare providers, supporting family caregivers or even transitioning to assisted living or nursing home care when necessary.

Moreover, Life Care Planning emphasizes collaboration and communication among all those involved in the client's care, including family members, healthcare providers, financial advisors, and other professionals. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that the client's needs are addressed comprehensively and efficiently.

At Tully Law Group, our team of experienced attorneys and Elder Care Coordinators are dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive support to seniors and their families. We understand the importance of preserving dignity, autonomy, and quality of life as individuals age, and we are committed to helping our clients and their families navigate the complexities of aging with confidence and peace of mind.

Life Care Planning is not just about planning for the future – it's about empowering seniors to live their best lives today. At Tully Law Group, we are proud to offer this unique service on Long Island, and we invite you to learn more about how Life Care Planning can benefit you and your loved ones. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a secure and fulfilling future.

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