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Elder Care and estate planning is essential during these very trying times. Our experienced attorneys and Elder Care Coordinators are working tirelessly to support and advocate for our clients and caregivers and we can help you and your family too. Please call (631) 424-2800 to learn about our unique law and care approach. If that number is busy please try (631) 424-4694 or (631) 424-4695 or you can email Brian Tully directly at

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Medicaid Alert: Drastic Medicaid Home Care Changes Are Coming!

As New Yorkers, we have been able to rely on the Community Home Care program to provide care for our loved ones within our own homes or assisted living facilities for years. We have been able to gain eligibility for this necessary program without a look-back period and without transfer penalties and that’s coming to an end. Beginning this fall, Medicaid applicants will have to meet heightened legal, financial and care standards in order to enroll in the long term home care program.

Join Brian Andrew Tully, Esq. a Certified Elder Law Attorney with over 22 years of experience as he shares the various ways this new law may impact your asset protection and future access to long term home care.

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