Dr. Steven Weisblatt, M.D. comes to Tully Law, P.C. for a valuable in-service training to care providers.

October 8, 2013
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Tully Law, P.C. recently served as host for guest speaker, Dr. Steven Weisblatt a Geriatric and Adult Homebound Psychiatrist. Suzanne Paolucci, LCSW, Tully Law, P.C.’s Elder Care Coordinator was instrumental in arranging this in-service together and invited various professionals who are on the front line caring for elderly clients in the community hear Dr. Weisblatt speak on “What We Need to Know About Mental Health in the Elderly”. Dr. Weisblatt stressed that the elderly are more susceptible to mental vulnerability due to their having more chronic and acute illnesses that can alter their mental status. In addition, the elderly tend to have multiple physicians who may or may not be communicating with each other but prescribing multiple medications.

This is of particular concern due to the elderly’s decreased nutrition, absorption and ability to clear substances making them more vulnerable to all medications that may build up in their systems including alcohol. Having a Geriatric Psychiatric Specialist such as Dr. Weisblatt with his expertise in the biological, psychological and social components of mental health is key to ensuring that the care needs of this population are being met.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Weisblatt’s home visit Psychiatry practice please visit his website at http://www.drweisblatt.com/ or you can call him 203-517-0550. Dr. Weisblatt does make New York home visits. In addition, we would like to share an article written by Dr. Weisblatt titled, “Helping Your Psychiatrist Help You: The Office Visit”.http://www.drweisblatt.com/inner.cfm?itemCategory=45175&siteid=489&priorId=0&articleId=45266

Finally, if you are concerned about you or your loved one’s well-being and are unsure if you need a referral to a Geriatric Psychiatrist, please contact Suzanne Paolucci, LCSW at 631-424-2800. She will be happy to discuss with you your concerns and make possible recommendations.

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