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June 12, 2024
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A new digital series where your questions find answers.


In the world of elder law, there exists a common scene familiar to many: a cluttered kitchen table adorned with prescription bottles, papers, and envelopes, where a client eagerly awaits guidance. This poignant snapshot, captured by attorney Brian, reflects a profound moment of realization—a testament to the trust and reliance clients have placed in his expertise over the past 25 years.


As Brian recounts his encounter with a client amidst the chaos of paperwork and emotions following her husband's passing, he unveils the symbolic significance of the "ask Brian" yellow

post-it atop the pile of envelopes and folded papers. It represents more than just a collection of inquiries; it embodies the weight of uncertainty and the quest for clarity in navigating the complexities of elder care and planning for what’s next.


Through heartfelt anecdotes and insights, Brian invites you into the intimate world of elder care law and estate planning, where each consultation holds the promise of easing burdens and illuminating paths forward. His and the entire Tully Law team's commitment to serving families in New York transcends mere legal counsel—it is a dedication to providing solace and empowerment in times of uncertainty.


With humility and gratitude, Brian extends an open invitation to you to ask your questions, whether you are the child or the spouse of a person in need or someone grappling with their own pile of unanswered questions. Through our new “Ask Brian” series on social media, he

aims to foster dialogue, share valuable information, and offer reassurance to

those in need. A place where questions find answers and where compassion meets



So, whether you're facing a mountain of paperwork or simply seeking answers, don't hesitate to reach out. Let Brian and his team be your trusted allies in navigating the complexities of elder

care and estate planning. After all, everyone deserves clarity and peace of mind on their journey.


Disclaimer: We will do our best to answer every single “Ask Brian” question submitted, but not all questions will be featured publicly through this series. 


To read the entire story behind our new “Ask Brian” series, or to “Ask Brian” yourself, click here.

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