How to Protect Yourself from IRS Scams

February 11, 2016
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The Attorney General has issued a warning for the latest IRS phone scam. Scam artists are posing as representatives from the Internal Revenue Service and demanding payment for back taxes. Please remember that a scammer’s intention is to “frighten” you by telling you that you will be arrested if you do not comply with their requests.  If anyone is attempting to scare or frighten you, it is most certainly a scam.  A Legitimate debt call would not threaten or demand money immediately. In the past we have posted the following tips to prevent becoming a victim of scam phone calls from CBS Money Watch:

  • Just hang up. Don’t engage the caller and don’t press any of the buttons on your phone, even if it says that it will get you removed from their lists. You’ll just end up getting more calls.
  • Remember that caller ID can lie. Don’t completely rely on what appears on the screen.
  • Guard your personal information. Whether it’s a credit card, Social Security, or bank account number they’re after, it’s on you to hold those tight. Do not give out that information to anyone calling you unsolicited, and do not give them out at all unless you’re sure of who you’re talking to and that they need that information. If you think someone calling could be legitimate, call that business or agency at a known, published phone number from such sources as a bank statement or the back of your credit card.

We have over the years had clients succumb to these scams and the one thing they had in common was that cash had to be sent through Western Union or some other third party. Do NOT do this. If you are a senior and ever have a question about a potential scam, contact us and we will try to help or contact law enforcement directly.

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