At Tully Law Group, we understand that the journey of aging often presents unexpected challenges, both for individuals and their families. Recently, we had the privilege of working with a couple facing significant health and cognitive issues, navigating a landscape of uncertainty and vulnerability. Their story underscores the vital role of advocacy and compassion in elder care.

This couple, living alone and grappling with daily tasks beyond their capacity, epitomized the fragility of aging without adequate support. For their children, witnessing their parents' decline was a harrowing experience, compounded by the realization of limited resources and assistance.

Enter Michelle Morea, our dedicated Elder Care Coordinator, whose keen insight and proactive approach proved instrumental in guiding this family through a complex web of challenges. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Michelle swiftly mobilized resources to address the immediate needs of the couple and their concerned loved ones.

Navigating the intricacies of the Medicaid process and conducting thorough assessments, our firm ensured that the couple received the essential support they required. Initially granted a 24-hour live-in caregiver, it soon became apparent that this arrangement posed risks for one of the clients, particularly during nighttime hours.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Michelle took decisive action, advocating tirelessly on behalf of the vulnerable client. Her unwavering commitment culminated in a successful appeal, securing 12-hour shifts to ensure round-the-clock care and safety for the client.

The impact of this outcome reverberates far beyond logistical arrangements—it represents a lifeline for a family grappling with uncertainty and fear. With newfound peace of mind, they can rest assured knowing that their loved one is receiving the attentive care they deserve, allowing them to remain safely in the comfort of their own home.

This story serves as a testament to the power of advocacy and empathy in elder care, illuminating the transformative potential of personalized support and proactive intervention. At Tully Law Group, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering families, one compassionate gesture at a time.

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