Why I Became an Elder Law Attorney

I loved my grandparents so much. I was young and in school when they each went through their illnesses.  I saw what my parents, aunts and uncles did to help and it wasn’t easy for them or my grandparents.  My fond memories are clear but there is an emotion tied to their aging and caregiving issues that has inspired me and fueled a motivation to help other families, parents and grandparents.  I wanted to help them – people of their generation, in their stage of life – older folks and grandparents.  I wanted to help the families that loved their parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles, just like I loved mine. I wanted to help them every day in my work and use my talents to help them live better lives, especially towards the end of their lives when they were planning for or needed the most help.

I became an elder law attorney to help other families sort through some of the most trying times they will ever experience.

Why I Became an Elder Law Attorney Brian Tully
Growing Up With My Grandparents Brian Tully

Growing Up with My Grandparents

I remember being in elementary school and hearing how a brick layer makes a nice living. So that was my plan in 1977. Little did I know, however, that I would spend the next 20 years learning how to love and respect my Grandparents starting with the house right next door.

I grew up on Long Island, in Malverne, New York, or exit 17S on the Southern State as I used to describe it to people. Everyone knows the Southern State Parkway so that was an easy way to describe the small village I grew up in. I was the middle son of three boys and our house was right next door to my Mom’s parents, Fred and Audrey. We called them Tina and Pop Pop.

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